Fiscal Restraint and Property Taxes

Old Courthouse

When it comes to government spending, the problem isn't that we are not paying enough taxes.   The problem is the government spends everything it gets and will always want more.

While serving as County Commissioner, Richard has demonstrated a sincere commitment to ensure that property tax dollars are spent efficiently. His keen ability to analyze county spending has benefited Sedgwick County taxpayers on several occasions:

  • He pushed to sell a cell tower at auction instead of selling it to a hand-picked buyer. Because of this, it sold for $610,000 instead of the proposed $280,000. See article here.
  • His questions about a county plan to remove trees for a Crestview homeowners association saved Sedgwick County taxpayers $47,000. See article here.
  • He challenged a plan by staff to build a concrete and steel bridge at Lake Afton so horses could get to a pasture. This saved $190,000.
  • He lead an effort to base vehicle replacement upon actual repair costs. This extended the life of many county vehicles and saved the County $325,000 in the first year alone.

And in case you are wondering, Richard Ranzau will not raise the property tax mill levy. Period. End of discussion.

Property Rights

Personal property rights are fundamental to liberty and must be protected.   Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has put personal property rights at risk and neither Congress nor the State Legislature have responded appropriately.

Richard will fight to protect and restore personal property rights in Kansas.   He will oppose abuse of eminent domain and supports an amendment to the Kansas Constitution protecting personal property rights.

Citizen Involvement

Unlike congressmen who run from the public by canceling town hall meetings and state legislatures who refuse to let the people vote on constitutional changes, Richard embraces the idea of more citizen involvement.   He will work to ensure that voters get to vote on major issues, including any proposal to raise taxes.

Additionally, he would like to see the County Commission hold at least one Board Meeting per month during the evening.   This will provide an opportunity for people who work during the day to address the Board of County Commissioners.

Term Limits

Like the vast majority of Americans, Richard supports term limits.   He will self-limit to a maximum of three terms and calls upon all others to do the same.